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The Geopogo team is looking for talented university students and software engineers to join us

in developing ground-breaking applications and features in 3D, AR, and VR applications.

Unreal Engine 5 Engineers 

Experienced student trainees and paid contractors to assist in building features and functions. 

Unity Engineers AR/VR

Experienced student trainees and paid contractors to assist in enhancing functions in features built in Unity for Geopogo's AR application for the Magic Leap 2 AR glasses.

iOS App Engineers 

Experienced iOS developers to assist in UI development, function and feature enhancement, and AR engineering to make geolocated AR experiences for design and construction. The Geopogo AR iOS app is always evolving and being enhanced for better user experience to make mobile AR more accessible and user friendly. 

AI Engineers 

Experienced student trainees and paid contractors to assist in building AI features and functionalities based on ChatGPT and Stable Diffuse. The Geopogo team is starting an AI cohort in late May of this year to explore opportunities in AI for data and generative design.


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