Dave Alpert  Co-Founder, CEO

Dave Alpert
Co-Founder, CEO

Dave is an award-winning architect with a passion for the real world.  He has applied his MBA education to successfully leading landmark projects for some of the most respected global design firms.  As the CEO, Dave conceived Geopogo to offer people anywhere the chance to experience a high-quality virtual model of the real world enhanced by video and virtual reality.

  Travis Bell  Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Travis Bell
Co-Founder, Director of Strategy

Travis directs Geopogo's business strategy, leveraging his experience as a successful investment fund associate and M&A transactional attorney. His combination of strengths in finance, law, and corporate strategy play a key role in charting Geopogo's direction.

  Scott Singer  Co-Founder, Director of Technology

Scott Singer
Co-Founder, Director of Technology

Scott has over 20 years of computer graphics and technology leadership in feature animation, visual effects and scientific visualization. He brings hands-on experience at Dreamworks Animation, Tippett Studio, and UC Riverside, developing, designing and supervising major projects.

  Albert Lozano  Art Director

Albert Lozano
Art Director

Albert's creative work at Pixar on globally-acclaimed animated feature films has earned an Oscar for his team and an Annie award for him personally.  He provides the art direction that sets Geopogo's high standards of visual experience.

  Katya Kostyukova  Product Designer

Katya Kostyukova
Product Designer

Katya is a product designer, architect, urban designer, and strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit. She usesanalytical and design background in engineering and architecture to help design immersive and engaging 3D experiences in virtual and augmented realities.

  Mark Yakunin  3D Environment Artist

Mark Yakunin
3D Environment Artist

Mark is a digital artist who utilizes 3D modeling, mapping, texturing, lighting, and rendering techniques to create visual elements. As an environmental artist, he optimizes 3D assets to produce realistic environments.

  Xiaoying Liu   UI/UX Intern

Xiaoying Liu
UI/UX Intern

  Kevin Lee  Web Developer

Kevin Lee
Web Developer

Xiaoying is a 3D artist that supports UI/UX development. She is growing her skills in 3D-modeling tools (e.g., Unity) and front-end development, and she participates in Geopogo demo events and VR meetups.

Kevin's computer science training at UC Santa Cruz encompasses programming, coding, algorithms and data structures. He contributes to product demos, outreach and innovation.

  Andy Kang  Developer  

Andy Kang

  David Kozak  Business Analyst

David Kozak
Business Analyst


Andy id a computer scientist trained at UC Berkeley, where he has been a leader of the university's VR community. Andy collaborates on product development, outreach, concepts and programming at Geopogo.

David brings a global perspective to the future of Geopogo. Working from his base in Europe, David applies his cutting edge studies as a Business student to assist in guiding the business strategies and actions of Geopogo.