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Driving a Sustainable Future

The Geopogo story begins with Dave Alpert's passion for architecture as a building designer and project manager. After decades of working on all kinds of projects, from houses and schools to medical centers and high-rise office buildings, Dave decided to do something big to improve design and construction, based on the lessons he learned in the field.


What if we could easily make sure that everyone could fully understand what was being designed, rather than being confused by 2D drawings, miniature models, and limited 2D renderings?  What if we could eliminate the expensive and time-consuming design and construction changes caused by this confusion?  What if we could then eliminate the tons of waste and pollution caused by these avoidable changes? What if we could instantly experience the future in full-size before it was built?


Dave was soon joined on the Geopogo team by Michael Hoppe, George 'Mac' Dean, and Kenny Ng, wizards of 3D visualization technology, especially AR. The Geopogo team works together to innovate and invent, expanding the frontiers of technology and developing the way to a better future.  


We have been excited to develop an ever-expanding community eager to jump into AR and change the world.  Best of all, we have a growing international roster of diverse customers who delight us with the many benefits they achieve by using our AR software.


We welcome you to join our community, to try our free app to discover how truly revolutionary AR is, to play with our free desktop 3D design tool to give shape to your ideas, and to subscribe to our patented AR Instantly software and start converting your BIM (Building Information Modeling) files into the full-size models which open the door for everyone to literally step into the future today.

Our Mission

Geopogo empowers project teams to make our buildings and cities even better, by inventing and developing 3D visualization software tools which improve the process and outcome of design and construction.


Our work is guided by our values of democratization (make it affordable and simple to use), inclusion (support better collaboration between project stakeholders), and transparency (which is natural for an AR-focused company).

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