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Geopogo Services 

The Geopogo team can build custom 3D, AR, and VR applications for your design and construction needs. 

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Custom Augmented Reality 

The Geopogo team has built custom augmented reality applications for architects, commercial developers, and builders.

We build AR experiences for the iOS app, Magic Leap 2 AR glasses, and Meta AR headsets for special client and investor presentations, and community information sessions.

3D Digital City Twins 

The Geopogo team works with municipalities and urban planners to develop bespoke 3D digital twins of their city and region for advanced urban planning, data simulation, and to engage community groups for easier approvals. 

3D Digital Facility Twins 

Easy-to-use CAD for project managers and leadership teams to make better facility improvement decisions, simulate layouts, and present design changes internally without any specialized skills needed.

Renderings and Animations

The Geopogo team is highly skilled in 3D modeling, renderings, and animated videos for marketing and sales. 

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